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African Mango Vs. Green Tea

African Mango Vs. Green Tea

While green tea was a thing of the 90’s, it’s still around. There are other products emerging every day, but we can definitely tell that green tea has staying power.

It has been clinically proven through hundreds of different studies, and it is still a key piece of weight loss supplements across the world.

However, the ingredient African Mango seems to be potentially overtaking it thanks to the popularity, and while it was proven years ago it is only coming to light now, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Rising Popularity of African Mango

African Mango is a powerful ingredient also known as Irvingia Gabonensis.

It has been used by West African natives for years, but as a cousin to the common mango, most experts just thought of it as ineffective, unrelated, or something of that nature. African Mango, however, is different than expected, and it has quickly become the key ingredient in products like Only Natural African Mango Extract.

Why Everybody Loves African Mango

African Mango may have been rather innocuous before. However, scientific studies have been emerging for years. These studies have simply been overshadowed by other big sensations like ephedrine.

However, if you look at the studies, they show that African Mango is capable of incredibly powerful weight loss results burning fat, suppressing appetite, and even controlling the obesity hormone leptin. It is stimulant free, and it is one of the few that has been proven through human clinical trials. That is not however the best part.

The Best Part About African Mango

African Mango has been clinically proven multiple times, and each study has used a different amount. 300mg seems to be a highly effective amount. However, many are finding that just 150mg of African Mango can be extremely effective on its own.

There are some products like Only Natural African Mango Extract that are adding in other ingredients, in this case green tea, but African Mango can be effective on its own.

Why Add Green Tea?

One thing that has to be stressed is the fact that two is almost always going to be better than one, as long as the 2 are clinically proven and you are using the clinically proven amounts. If a product does not have the clinically proven amounts of something, there’s no reason to use it.

Products like Only Natural African Mango Extract use ingredients like green tea, because green tea provides more assurance with more clinical studies and a longer history on the market.

Where Can You Find the Best African Mango Extract made with Green Tea?

You can certainly buy a product like Only Natural African Mango Extract. It has 300mg of African Mango and green tea extract. However, if you want results that are a little bit better, many are looking into a product called Lipofuze.

Lipofuze technically uses the same two ingredients. The only difference is that Lipofuze seems to take into account the needs of green tea for more diverse results than something that only has the clinically proven amounts of one ingredient.


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